UTP Category 6 Double Jacket Cables


Content of Data Sheet
Product model CAB-LC3110B-E-IN
Product specification HSYV-6 4×2×0.52
Test Standard ISO/IEC11801、TIA-568-C.2、 YD/T1019
Conductor Material OFC(Oxygen free copper)
AWG 24
Nom.O.D.(mm) 0.52±0.03 mm
DC resistance ≤95 Ω/km
Insulation Material HDPE
Thickness 0.2±0.02 mm
Diameter 0.93±0.05 mm
Color Blue/White- Blue Green/White-Green
Orange/White-Orange Brown/White-Brown
Pitch Offset pitch ≤20 mm
Cable pitch ≤120 mm
Sheath Material(IN Jacket) PVC(complies RoHS/REACH)
Material(OUT Jacket) LDPE
External O.D. 6.9±0.3 mm 
Color Black
Tensile strength(PVC) >13.5 Mpa
Thickness 0.55±0.05 mm
Surface Printing Letter height 3.0±0.3 mm
Color White
Print error
& Space
1±0.005 m
Case number Yes
Packing Wooden shaft
Packing length 305±1m
Rip-cord Yes Crossing backbone Yes
Ambient temperature -20℃~60℃

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